What Pool Shape Should I Build?

What Pool Shape Should I Build?

The shape of your pool really comes down to personal preference and how much room your yard space will allow. It’s wise to put thought into your expectations of the space to ensure you are getting the most out of not only your pool, but your entire backyard space.


The first thought should be how you plan to use the pool. Would you like a relaxing resort style oasis with a spa and fountains? A lap style pool? A pool with enough swimming space for everyone to get in? There are so many features available to you to help create your ideal pool.

The most common residential pool shapes are a rectangle, roman, offset, arched, and custom also known as freeform.  These shapes are obtainable in any size dimensions variety of sizes commonly 12×24, 14×28, 16×32 and custom.


The rectangle shape offers a sleek straight-line border that emphasizes that classic pool look. The geometric rectangle option is a modern choice. This shape is ideal for those looking to maximize their swim space and want a timeless design choice. 


The roman shape is essentially the rectangle pool with arched half-circles at both ends. This pool represents chic and renowned coming from the villas present in ancient Rome. This shape is sophisticated and maximizes swimming space.   


The arched shape represents the ideal marriage of a sharp angle side opposite a broad arched side. Offering a designated entry point this shape works best in areas that have extra decking space and what a more elevated custom look.  


The offset shape has straight lines, and angled lines with a stagger “offset” shift appearing in the middle of the pool.  This unique shape appeals to those looking for something a bit different than the norm.  A simple twist on classic rectangle shape.


A custom shape is ideal for those looking for a natural free-flowing look. This shape often requires more space to be creative with curves and ideal for pools on the larger side.  The look of freeform pools or custom shapes suits those desiring an organic look that matches the outdoor space surrounding it.


Whether you prefer the modern look of a rectangle. The romance of a roman shape. The elegance of an arched, or the unique angles of an offset shape. Your pool design and features should reflect your personal style.  


We hope this review of pool shapes helped you understand the choices and looks you can create using different pool shapes.  With each of these shapes you can further create the look you are desiring with, decking, coping, waterline tile and interior finish choices.

Browse our pool gallery to see all the shapes and designs we have created over the years. Our team has years of pool construction experience and excels at constructing pools that not only look beautiful but function beautifully too. This way you can enjoy your pool for years to come!